In November of 2019, Richland Hospital once again completed its Community Health Needs Assessment (CHNA). This assessment identifies and prioritizes the health and wellness needs of those served by The Richland Hospital, Inc. Establishing and identifying these priorities helps guide the hospital’s community health improvement plan and influences important community activities. Our mission of improving community health is on-going and shared by other nearby agencies and organizations that share the same goal.

Overview of the Assessment Process

Overview of the Assessment Process

All non-profit hospitals are required to conduct Community Health Needs Assessments every three years. This assessment meets the requirements of the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (ACA), IRS Code 501 (r) (3). During the assessment, secondary and primary data were collected. The analysis yielded a preliminary list of important health needs, which confirmed the areas of most concern. The process of comprehensively assessing the community’s health needs was led by a diverse group of community stakeholders from the sectors of healthcare, public health, Extension, and education. They also conducted an online survey to seek input from the general community and hosted community focus groups on the priorities identified: Mental Health Treatment, Substance Abuse Treatment and Prevention, and Obesity Treatment and Prevention.


The Conclusion


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